"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."
~ Albert Einstein ~
1879-03-14 in Ulm, 1955-04-18 in Princeton


I am an IT enthusiast with special interest in data visualization and modeling, software architecture and quality, testing and automation, business requirements and processes as well as reengineering of software systems. Known as frequent and often highly delighted participant I enjoy visiting and following IT conferences like Softwerkskammer Activites, Java User Group Meetings, CCC Congress and other tech events.

I have studied technology management, information systems and business administration at universities. Not long ago I also started hacking with Internet of Things computers like the Banana Pi. I also love beeing an avid reader of avantgard technology magazines like the Java Magazine and testing expierence.

In my leisure time I keep active with road cycling and working out at the gym. I have some weakness for politics and profoundly read the New York Times and Süddeutsche Zeitung.


Present - 2014: Association for Software Testing (ast).

Present - 2012: American Society for Quality (ASQ). Software, Quality Management, Service Quality.

Present - 2012: Software Craftsmanship Communities (Softwerkskammer). Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart.

Present - 2009: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Present - 2008: Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). Munich, Nuremberg, Schwaben, Stuttgart/Böblingen.

Present - 2006: Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Munich, Stuttgart, Ulm.


Present - 2014: Xceptance Software Technologies, The Software Testing Experts. Quality Assurance Engineer focusing on Explorative Testing and Regression Test Automation.

Present - 2013: Software Craftsmanship and Testing. Consultant and Developer.

2013 - 2012: Senacor Technologies AG, IT Transformation Consulting. Technical Consultant and Java Developer in the finance sector at the backend of a large-scale banking platform for credit transactions.

2012: Development of the Test Visualization Map (TVM) based on domain elements (processes, use cases, services, foreign systems) for large-scale JEE applications - supervised by Prof. Dr. Schied, Prof. Dr. Baer and Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernauer at the Computer Science Department of the University of Applied Sciences Ulm (HS Ulm).

2011 - 2009: Elected first speaker and leader of board at Germany-wide legitimate student council of business and economic sciences (including organization of semester-wise international 4-day political conferences with guests from the German Bundestag)., Facebook.

2011 - 2009: Head of IT and Communications Department at the student council at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (HNU). studierendenvertretung neu-ulm, Facebook.

2011 - 2009: Official commissions at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (HNU): elected collegiate member of executive board for diversification of tuition fees, elected collegiate member of the board of data protection, elected collegiate member of the election committee, elected collegiate member of the board for process quality. studierendenvertretung neu-ulm, Facebook.

2010 - 2009: Elected head of student council and moderator of the student parliament at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (HNU). studierendenvertretung neu-ulm, Facebook.

2010: Hewlett-Packard AG, Research and Development Department. Software Developer of a JEE application for Management and Monitoring of Data Centers., HP Operations Manager i-Software.

2009: KM-A Marketing Consulting. Collegiate Employee for Market and Product Research. Prof. Dr. Kracklauer, Prof. Dr. Fabian, Militz & Associates - Gesellschaft für Marketing- und Vertriebsberatung GmbH.

2009: Elected first collegiate speaker of the Department of Information Management at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (HNU). studierendenvertretung neu-ulm, Facebook.


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