Framework for a Productive Day

  • 2012-06-11
  • Proposal on how to structure a working day
  • #productivity
  • #struture
  • #pragmatic
  • #minimal

Framework for a Productive Day

5:30 Wake Up

  • Objectives
    • Get fresh and dressed (3s = shower, shave, button-down shirt)
    • Prepare to keep powerfull
  • Actions
    1. Take a shower
    2. Have breakfast
    3. Take a cup of coffee, a bottle of water & some snacks to the desk

6:00 Start Up

  • Objectives
    • Start productive into the working day
    • Accomplish three major tasks to get into working mood
  • Actions
    1. Process the three tasks from yesterday’s preparation
    2. Start with other tasks

8:30-8:55 Reaction Mode

Caution: Never open any reaction mode application
before 8:30 to avoid starting the day in reaction mode!
  • Objectives
    • Quickly respond to new mails
    • Take action on assigned tasks
  • Actions
    • Open
    • Open Customer Tasks Application

9:00-9:15 Daily Planing - Daily Scrum

  • Objectives
    • Review of yesterday (work progress, leisure/family time)
    • Prospect for today (what should be finished at the end of the day?)
  • Actions
    • Review and rate tasks of yesterday by using
    • Create New Journal Entry by using
    • Estimate finished tasks to next daily scrum

9:20-16:55 Process Mode ∞ Breakdown Mode

based GTD Method by David Allen

  • Objectives
    • breakdown a today’s task into actionable steps
    • process steps untill task is finished

17:00-17:25 Daily Review - Inbox to Zero

based on Inbox Zero Method by Merlin Mann

  • Objectives
    • Empty Tasks Inbox
    • Empty Notes Inbox (Plain Notes, Evernote)
    • Empty Mail Inbox
    • Empty Inbox Folder (Downloads, Desktop)
    • Empty Inbox Tray (Desk, Rucksack, Wallet)
    • Clean up working space/desk
  • Actions
    • File Tasks to Area by using
    • File Note Snippets to Wiki Pages by using
    • Sort new files to projects by using

20:00-20:15 Preparation Mode - Clean Up

  • Objectives
    • Prepare everything for tomorrow (respectively weekend)
    • Place actionable items for tomorrow within reach
    • Find three most important tasks for tomorrow
      • Caution: Don’t use computer. Tasks come to your mind naturally!
    • Mentally get ready to sleep
  • Actions
    • Write the first three tasks down on a paper
    • Check and fill laptop bag
    • Shut down PC, workstation (if still running)

21:00 Calm/Cool Down

  • Objectives
    • feel well and inspired
    • let the day come to an end
  • Actions
    1. Do bathroom routine
    2. Do evening yoga routine
    3. Read or Listen to literature
    4. Drink some milk and fall a sleep