GNU Screen Cheatsheet

  • 2013-08-31
  • Reference Card for GNU Screen
  • #cli
  • #linux

Session Management

Keys Action
screen run a new screen session
screen -ls list sessions
screen -d deattach current session
screen -r reattach to a previously detatched session
screen -wipe remove dead screen

Window Management

Keys Action
C-a c create a new window
C-a k kill the current window
C-a a name current window
C-a " list all windows (↓/↑ or j/k to switch)
C-a C-a switch to the other window
C-a tab move between splits
C-a S split horizontally
C-a V split vertically


Keys Action
C-a ? help/show all commands
C-a h hardcopy screen (puts a screenshot into home)