Windows 7 Cheatsheet

  • 2013-08-31
  • Reference Card for Windows
  • #win


Keys Action
win+e open explorer window
win+d show/hide desktop
win+arrow arrange windows
alt+space system menu for minimize/maximize/close
alt+space+n minimize
alt+F4 close window
page↑/page↓ scroll one screensize up/down


Keys Action
win+"cmd" open command line
win+"run/ausführen" open execute dialog (Ausführen)
win+r open execute dialog (Ausführen)
win+r > D:\workspace open local path
win+r > \\share\path open shared network drive directory path in explorer
win+r > %JBOSS_HOME% opens environment variable location path in explorer
win+"%JBOSS_HOME%" opens environment variable location path in explorer

System Settings (Systemsteuerung)

Keys Action
win+"user (accounts)/benutzer(konten)" > strg+f navigates to search in system settings
search: "environ/umgebung" > tab > enter open environment variables

Text Editors

Keys Action
ctrl+←/→ jump to next/previous words
ctrl+shift+←/→ select text to left/right by word

DE-Keyboard > Special Characters

Keys Action
↑↓→← arrows = alt+24/25/26/27
~ tilde = altgr+"+"

Remote Desktop Connection

Keys Action
ctrl+alt+pause toggle fullscreen

Thinkpad Configuration

Keys Action
fn+f8 enable trackpoint only (disable touchpad)
  • tpf fan controll