Modeling Terms

  • 2013-10-06
  • Reference Card for modeling and software visualization terms
  • #glossary

Business Execution Unit

a reuasble, functional unit with a scope across all business processes that are logically indivisible. BBEs are automated parts of a (micro)flow and use external systems.

Data Model

an abstract model that documents the communication between defined units (like domain elements, technical objects, entities). The dependencies of the unites and structure of embedded data is explicitly determined.

Data Map

a graphical form of visualization of semantic dependencies in one or two particular professional fields, with the goal of easy information discovery by the observer.

Meta Model

a abstract model, that enables the derivation of models in a specific problem context.


a formalization of a complex state of sets of business’ and or systems’ activities.


in enterprise architecture: an encapsulated software functionality that can be reused and accessed by or inside different processes.


a collection of well defined and distinct objects.

Use Case

a list of actions to achieve a preset goal reflecting interactions between a role (person or system) and a system.


sequence of concatenated steps (including services, dialog, process), normally at a high abstraction level.