Technical Terms

  • 2013-10-07
  • Reference Card for technical terms
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Distributed System

a coordinated use of physically distributed computers.

Design Pattern

a discernible regularity in a system, that allows the usage of a reusable solution to a commonly occuring problem.


a reusable set of tools (e.g., definitions, rules, libraries) to enable or ligthen a task.


a key value or enrichment attribute for an object.

Multitier Architecture

a client-server model, that divides presentation, application processing, and data management.

Test Case

a specific inspection of provided functionalities by a test object.

Test Coverage

a measure of the execution of a program by a test by coverage criteria: function, statement, decision, branch, condition, parameter value coverage.

Test Object

subject of test; usually a software component; e.g., script, class, module or unit.

Test Quality

maturity, depth and meaningfulness of a test case or test environment in relation to the applied system.